Best Bluegrass Songs All Times Update 07/2022

Best Bluegrass Songs All Times

There is something universally appealing about Bluegrass music, whether you were born and bred in the Great Smoky Mountains or not. In an effort to reacquaint or expose you to the vast world of Bluegrass music, I’ve put together this list of my personal favorites. Here are our top picks without further ado. Dueling Banjos […]

Which Statement Describes How a Basic Coffee Cup Calorimeter Works? Update 07/2022

A calorimeter is a tool that measures the amount of heat flow in a chemical reaction. There are two popular calorimeters which include a bomb calorimeter and a coffee cup calorimeter. The Basic Coffee Cup Calorimeter A coffee cup calorimeter is basically made of polystyrene. It is also a Styrofoam cup that has a cover. […]